Fast freezing ensures product taste preservation is not lost before reaching your plates. We customize blast freezer to fine detail to suit your product and merchandising needs.

Merchandising flexibility is what a combination freezer does. Imagine ice cream on the top section with glass doors while frozen French fries at the open bottom section. Combination freezer can also be multi-temperature on the top and bottom sections.

An air-cooled condenser is responsible to reject heat from the surroundings and in turn condenses vapour refrigerant into a liquid state for recirculation purposes. International standard certification.

Perfect solution for small format stores that encounter space and noise constraints. The inverter condensing unit efficiently modulates working frequency to meet various cooling loads at all time.

A refrigerated distribution warehouse is a collection of walk-in cold rooms, receiving docks, and preparation areas to form satellite facilities to cater for downstream activities. Being a large energy consumer, energy efficiency and temperature consistency determines the bottom line of a business.

Also known as the indoor unit in cold rooms, carefully designed units efficiently store and prolong products' shelf life. Certified based on major international standard.

Maximized frozen product display via the smallest footprint, made possible with a glass door freezer. Best used as wall-sited units to effectively merchandise your products.

Glass door reduces 30% energy consumption, ideal for dairy products and beverages. Its frameless door design with vertical LED beautifully enhances products appearance.

Modern living is not complete without ice machines, various geometry of ice are available for different needs. Flakes, nuggets, cube ice, crescent ice has their place in our daily lives.

Low and horizontal display of delicious ice cream and various frozen foods. It provides unobstructed view for other store product display.

Options available for fruits & vegetables, dairy product and fresh meat. Its wide temperature range of -1 to +7⁰C ensure freshness and longest product shelf life.

The power pack is the heart of freshness, only the best compressors are selected to provide cooling to supermarkets, cold rooms, distribution centers and pharmaceutical warehouses.