Refrigerated Storage Coldroom

maintains chilled or frozen food for medium to long term.

Why use Refrigerated Storage Coldroom

Refrigerated storage coldroom has better air circulation, less product temperature rise during defrost, and less impact of ultraviolet from lighting on products. It translates into fresher products and longer storage time. Insulated wall panels and door panels also reduces energy require to maintain product at desired temperature.

Storage for Chilled and Frozen Products

Efrigo designs, supplies and installs chiller coldroom, freezer coldroom, processing room and ante room of different sizes. It can be as small as a 2 meter by 2 meter coldroom to as large as soccer field. Coldroom panels are cut to size and assemble on site to ensure optimum fitting.

Custom Made Compressor Rack

Our compressor racks are engineered and build based on your storage requirement to ensure optimum performance and initial cost.